- Scannibal -

In The Beginning There Were Too Many Cards...

The cashier was bright and smiling that morning as she said the all to familiar, "Do you have your rewards card?".

Scannibal Founder Chris Butterfield opened his wallet and shuffled through the folds. Nothing. He then checked his key ring for that little plastic one some companies like to hand out. Nope.

"Sorry, I must have left it at home." Chris replied.

Still just as happy as can be the cashier replied, "Would you like to sign up for a new one?"

Just then a spark ignited. The perverbial lightbulb went off and he thought, why can't I have just one app for this?

Yes! Yes we can.

And so Scannibal was born. An easy to use application that will track your spending automatically and reward you for it in cash you can spend at great places you will love!