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Scannibal sends you cash rewards based on your shopping and dinning. Once you install our app and link your spending account you are all set. Just go on as normal and watch the rewards start to come in everyday. No need to present loyalty cards, phone numbers, email addresses or keep track of anything. Just get the rewards and use them.
Scannibal uses a secure account linking software that is within your mobile application. In the menu go to My Account and select "Link an Account" Once there you will be guided through a simple and secure process for linking your account to Scannibal.
Rewards in your area can appear in your account in as little as one day. Our rewards are based on your shopping and dinning so it may take a little longer in some cases. Because the rewards accumulate automatically you don't need to do anything to help it along.
Our rewards are sent by selected companies. If you would like to see a company in your area offer cash rewards through Scannibal you can visit the "suggest a business" form in your mobile app or on our website. We will reach out to them and ask if they want to be a part of our program. Of course, don't be shy to ask as well. :-)
When you have a cash reward to a business you are at simple select the reward from the app and present it at checkout. The cashier will redeem the reward and apply it to your purchase. Simple.
In the menu select "Link an Account". Once there you will be prompted through a secure form that will set up your linked account.
You can see your rewards in a couple of different places.
<li>Your Dashboard will display the total reward amount as well as a map showing the different locations you have rewards at.</li>
<li>You can visit the "My Rewards" section to see a list of rewards.</li>
When you visit a business that you have a reward for simple select the reward in your app and present it to the cashier at checkout.
The cashier will redeem the reward for you and apply it to your purchase.
In the app menu select "Linked Accounts". Once there you will see a list of your linked accounts. Next to the account you want to un-link select remove.
Your account will be removed within 24 hours. <strong>Important: </strong> If you do not have at least one linked account you will not receive any cash rewards.

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